Jacob Padilla
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Hey! Thanks for checking out my website! I grew up on a strong diet of Spielberg and Robin Williams, acting in school plays, making movies with my brothers, and trying to get my sister to laugh at dinner. Now I do that full time, and I love it!

I make films with Pathos Pictures (check us out: pathos.pictures), as well as work as a freelance writer/director/actor. I have made a few films that have played in fests across the country; send me a message, I’d love to send you a link.

I went to school for theatre and film. While in college, I acted in some plays, directed 3 short plays, and made close to 50 video shorts and sketches with Exit 17 Live (a late night sketch comedy show I helped start).

I taught middle school science for a few years right out of college, but now I make films full time. I still love to educate, and bring that passion into everything I do, including film!

I love the magic of cinema, the way a film can transport you to another world, perspective, or emotion. I hope to create CineMagic! (This is the name of a movie theater chain in Southern New Hampshire, but I am commandeering it as my new motto).

So what are you doing? Send me an email; let’s make CineMagic together!