Jacob Padilla

Exit 17 Live

This is a sketch I thought up before SNL released their similar sketch. I was director and editor on this project. 

This is a sketch that came to me as I watched the real James Bond relentlessly beat up villains. I was writer, director, DP, and editor on this sketch.

This sketch was inspired by the Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel. This is with our college president. This video is a collaboration with others. I was a Producer, as well as DP.

This sketch was produced right before the Batman vs. Superman film came out. I wanted to play fun off obsessive superhero film nerds. I was writer, director, editor, and an actor on this film. 


Exit 17 Live is the premiere late-night sketch comedy show at Gordon College. I, along with a group of students, developed this show that has since become a staple of college life here at Gordon. Exit 17 is a mix of SNL and the Tonight Show, with a host who carries the show from live sketches, to video segments, to musical guests and more! Concluding with a traditional talk show desk style interview with a special guest. 

While working for Exit 17 Live, I held a number of positions:

Creative Director: In charge of all creative content of the shows, including live sketches, all written material, video content and more. This logistical management position allowed me to have my hands in multiple facets of what makes the show run. I organized meeting times with the creative teams, and oversaw the development of all written material, as well as video projects, and live sketches. This has been my favorite role to fill while on the team!

Broadcast Director: In charge of set up and execution of three Panasonic studio cameras used to film the shows live. I decided upon placement of the cameras for optimal recording quality, while still maintaining a discrete presence in the studio. I also was in charge of the editing and release of all the live recordings.  

Video Director: In charge of all the video content on the show, from the comedic sketches to promotional ads. I was in charge of organizing and executing all video shoots, from small dialogue scenes to large scale sketches. Throughout my time in this role, I produced and edited over 20 short films and sketches. While in this position I used Canon C100s, nearly every Canon DSLR, Panasonic Gh4s, H4N zoom recorders, KINO and ARRI light kits, and much more. All editing done on Premiere.