Jacob Padilla

Cinema Leagues

This is a group of basic wireframe designs I did for the website. These digital 'sketches' allowed me to communicate my ideas easily with the designer. Over time many of these ideas were re-shaped, thrown out, or developed to become what the website is today. 
I also designed the logo, and to the left is a series of early renditions of the logo. I decided upon red and a muted gold because of their history with movie theaters and award shows. 

Cinema Leagues

Cinema Leagues is a website created by myself, my brother, and our web developer, Adam Vigneaux. We offer a place to get involved in the film award season in a way that both encourages one to get out and see as many films as they can, as well as engage with a community in discussing those films in a fun, unique way.  

So, how does it work?

First you join a league with your friends, then you all conduct a draft together either via the site or in person.  You pick your team, consisting of Films, Actors, Actresses, Supporting roles, Director, Cinematography, Screenplays, and three utility spots that are open to any category.  That team is with you for the rest of the award season (barring any trades) leading up to the Academy Awards in late February!  You get points for nominations and wins in each award show, whoever has the most total points at the end wins out and has bragging rights as the top Cinema goer!